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About Wagner Associates

Wagner Associates, Chartered Accountants with offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh, have over 30 years knowledge in a variety of business sectors. Click here to download our services booklet.

We prove an invaluable business partner, available as a sounding board and source of advice on a wide range of business matters.

We believe that businesses constantly need to strive to improve efficiency, drive down cost and increase sales in order to optimise margins and ensure survival.

We can help you make this happen.

Our company has the benefit of professional, practical, hands on staff and associates, dedicated to the development of UK businesses.

Our hands on proactive approach is somewhat different to other chartered accountants and business advisers.The results will transform your business and your business life.

We offer:

  • No nasty surprises - Your bills will never be a single penny more than you bargained for with one of our optional fixed fee packages – guaranteed.
  • Easy payment terms - Weekly, monthly or quarterly… by cash, cheque or standing order... how you pay is up to you – guaranteed.
  • Money saving advice - We’ll show you how other businesses like yours are saving and making money – guaranteed.
  • Money back guarantee - You’ll receive your accounts back within 30 days of us receiving all your records, or we’ll give you every single penny back – guaranteed.
  • Free support for your contacts - You can give any of your business contacts up to three hours of our time to address whatever business, tax and accounting issues are important to them - at no cost to them or you. Just imagine what that will do for your relationships with them. And just imagine what those strengthened relationships will do for your business and your profits.
  • Plain English - To make it even easier for you to profit from our advice we have banned jargon and are committed to only using plain English – guaranteed.
  • Your personal signpost - One call is all it takes since, if we can’t help, our free Signposting service will put you in touch with other experts who can – guaranteed.
  • More customers for you - As part of our commitment to your success we will do everything possible to systematically help you win new customers - including introducing you to our other clients and contacts.
  • Your business sounding board - Want to bounce an idea off someone with an open mind? Get a second opinion on a business brainwave? Or try out a new product, system or marketing message on someone outside your organisation? Just ask any of our team for SoundingBoard support, and they’ll be your sounding board - completely free of charge - guaranteed .
  • Our commitment to you - Every member of our team will personally commit themselves to:
    • Operating on the principle that a problem isn’t solved, or a piece of work finished, until you are 100% delighted
    • Keeping you fully informed about what’s happening on your affairs, and completing every task on or ahead of time - so that you never have to chase us
    • Replying to every telephone message the day you call us - usually within 90 minutes
    • Replying to every letter on the day we receive it
    • Never compromising the high standards of integrity, professionalism and confidentiality that you rightly expect from us - and….
    • Always being on the lookout for new ideas that could help you to build an even more successful business and achieve your business goals

Meet the Team

Help with tax, costs, cash-flow, profitability ?

Contact WAGNER Associates in either Glasgow or Edinburgh to find out how our services can improve your business performance.


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