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Chartered Accountants for Sports Men and Athletes

With the help of a Chartered Accountant such as Wagner Associates, you as an athlete or sports men can concentrate on what they do best. 
The greatest sources of income for sportsmen and woman are sponsorship and personal appearance. Wagner Chartered Accountants can help you with the financial implication of these so that you are not distracted from your core training schedule.

In addition to completing the difficult jargon in your tax forms, Wagner Chartered Accountants will also make sure that you are actually paying the tax you need to pay. Through experience and knowledge, Wagners will also be able to know if you are overcharged and you will be reimbursed what lawfully belongs to yours. 

Help with tax, costs, cash-flow, profitability ?

Contact WAGNER Associates in either Glasgow or Edinburgh to find out how our services can improve your business performance.


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