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Tax Investigation

What is a tax investigation service for limited companies, corporations, partnerships and sole traders?

The government and HMRC has said that it will go and visit every taxpayer at least once every seven years to perform a detailed review of their transactional books and records.

So what our tax investigation service does is let the client continue to trade and look for business, to continue to develop the business and earn money without so much interference from the HMRC officers.

This depends on what sort of level of help they want from us with the tax investigation.

An extreme case where we take on tax investigation completely.

Another example is where we sit with the client and the investigating officer to make sure that any queries HMRC have are answered quickly and that the inquiry is shut down quickly.

An example, is where a client who runs a firm of electricians had an HMRC tax investigation.

We came sat with the HMRC officers and the client, and we made sure the investigation was closed off at the end of the day.

So that’s an example where you just want HMRC to come in and cause minimum business disruption as possible and close down the inquiry.

“As an owner / manager business we needed an accountant/tax adviser that can come to us at a time and place that fits in with our busy schedule. WAGNER Associates provides that service, ensuring quick, no fuss tax and accounting support”.

Graham Christie

MD, GDC Design Limited

Sometimes there are mistakes made by clients which means the standard declared tax.

Sometimes those mistakes need to be handled diplomatically with the HMRC to make sure that it’s not classed as a careless mistake and the large penalties that come with that and that HMRC do not apply are commonly held view that this mistake must have been made every year in the past and try to claim tax back for previous years as well.

We would argue that it is just a simple error, that no penalty should be applied and that it’s only a mistake for that one year.

So it is very important to deal with a tax query quickly and effectively and get the the inquiry close down.

That’s what our tax investigation service does.

Most of our clients that have signed up to our tax investigations service, which means they don’t actually pay for our time to handle HMRC officer investigation.

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